What is a transponder key?

Transponder keys are a type of car key that includes a transponder chip. These high-tech car keys became popular with many auto manufactures during the mid 1990’s and continue to be widely used as theft protection in almost every car made today.

How do transponder keys work?

Transponder keys work as a companion to vehicle immobilizers that are installed in a car’s ignition system. Each key is programmed to match a car’s engine control unit, and when inserted into the ignition, a correct key will allow a car to start by disabling the immobilizer system. If a key is cut incorrectly or does not include the proper coding, your vehicle will not start.

Does my vehicle require a transponder key?

If your car was made within the last twenty years, there’s a very good chance that it requires a transponder key. Contemporary car manufactures almost all use some type of keyless entry system that includes a transponder key as part of the vehicle’s factory-installed security systems. Although some key cutting locations do offer transponder key cutting, most car owners would have to go to the dealership for car key replacement.

How can I get a car key replacement for my transponder key?

Buckeye Locksmith can send a mobile locksmith to you and create a transponder key for you vehicle on the spot. With our advanced technology and years of car locksmith experience, we are capable of car key replacement for any make and model. Contact us online or call Buckeye Locksmith today at 614-623-7252 to have one of our Columbus locksmiths come to you and create a copy of your transponder key.