1. Our Top 5 Reasons Locksmiths are Called in Columbus

    Locksmiths get called for a lot of reasons, that’s something we especially know at Buckeye Locksmith because we have some of the widest range of services you’re likely to find from a locksmith. Still, even with all we have to offer in new locking and security technology for your home, business, or vehicle, there are some classic services we’ll never get away from. Here’s what we think are …Read More

  2. 3 Questions to Ask When You’re in an Emergency Lockout Situation

    If you’ve never been in an emergency lockout situation until now, consider yourself lucky, but it happens to the best of us. If you’re locked out of your car and wondering what to do next, it’s important to remember to stay calm. Most lockout situations aren’t dire, however, there are a few things you should ask yourself when you get into a lockout situation in the greater Columbus area. H…Read More

  3. Three Ways Locksmiths Can Change Your Security for the Better

    Locksmiths often bring one thing to mind — the dreaded lockout. However, locksmiths aren’t only good at getting you into your home, car, or business, they’re also experts at securing your property, with lock changes, re-keys, transponder keys, and more. With Buckeye Locksmith, in Irwin and throughout the Columbus area, you can get all these services and more. When it comes to your home secur…Read More

  4. Why Would I Call a Locksmith in Hebron?

    There are lots of situations where you might need a locksmith in Hebron. Whether you’re looking for someone to handle commercial, residential, or automotive lockouts, you’ve found the right locksmith for any Ohio lockout, lock change, or re-keying situation. Read on to discover some of the scenarios we’ve helped customers out of, and when you’re ready to secure your home, business, or vehi…Read More

  5. When Keys Don’t Work

    Over time, keys wear down. Seems logical enough, yet we meet people all the time who say the same thing: “I don’t know why, it just stopped working!” This is probably largely due to the fact that we just expect our keys to work, our car to open, the engine to fire right up when we crank the key, and for life to go on exactly as planned. Nearly all of us have, however, come out to a car that …Read More

  6. Get Back To Your Pets

    The end of the work day can be extremely stressful. Between attempting to finish up your tasks to meet deadlines as well as battling Columbus rush hour traffic on your way home, it is easy to see how minor details can be overlooked. At the end of the day, your mind is probably a little bit frazzled, and doing something like leaving your house keys on your desk at work is more common than you might…Read More

  7. Don’t Get Locked Out In The Rain

    There is a certain level of embarrassment involved with locking yourself out. Whether it happens when you’re grocery shopping or right outside your Columbus home, the fact of the matter is you have to ask for help. Sometimes you may not have a place to be and have time to wait for a family member or neighbor you trust with a spare key to get home. On other occasions, though, there waiting around…Read More

  8. Don’t Let Breaking Your Car Key In The Lock Before Work Ruin Your Day

    The residents of Columbus are hardworking people, and we expect you are no different. You probably get up rather early to start your day, and when things go wrong in the morning that affect your daily routine, it can really throw you for a loop. Although it will probably only happen a few times throughout the course of your entire life, the fact remains that breaking your car key off in your lock …Read More

  9. Free Child Rescue from Columbus Emergency Locksmith

    When you see the stories on the news, you probably think to yourself “How could anyone ever possibly lock their child in the car?” In fact, you might even find yourself quickly becoming upset just at the idea of anyone being capable of such a monstrous act. And then, it happens to you. Most of the time, it happens in an instant. You’re reaching for your phone, your latte, and you’re talkin…Read More