1. 5 Automotive Lock and Starting Upgrades

    When it comes to cars and trucks, there are a lot of vehicles out on the road that have outdated locks or ones that simply don’t work. Locking technology has taken great leaps forward over a very short time over the last few decades, and with cars remaining on the road for so long, there are a wide range of upgrades. At Buckeye Locksmith in Newark and the rest of the greater Columbus area, we ha…Read More

  2. Our Top 5 Reasons Locksmiths are Called in Columbus

    Locksmiths get called for a lot of reasons, that’s something we especially know at Buckeye Locksmith because we have some of the widest range of services you’re likely to find from a locksmith. Still, even with all we have to offer in new locking and security technology for your home, business, or vehicle, there are some classic services we’ll never get away from. Here’s what we think are …Read More

  3. The Locksmith Guide: Door and Window Sensors

    Fun fact: you don’t have to be rich to burgled. Thieves don’t see other people who aren’t doing that well in Whitehall and think to themselves, “I should not steal from them.” It’s actually unlikely that thieves often think in those terms at all. So what should you even do about securing your property in a big city? How do you even start to approach thinking about how to protect your t…Read More

  4. Columbus Locksmiths Explore Latest Technology

    The Buckeye Locksmith team went to the annual locksmith convention in Novi, Michigan this year to attend advanced locksmith classes and check out the lastest products on the market. In the New Products class presented by a representative from Schlage, our locksmiths were able to install and program NDE wireless locks. Wireless technology has revolutionized the security industry. Locks and keys are…Read More