The “I Locked Myself Out” scenario is always an adventure. Whether you’re venturing into your backyard to find that one hollow rock somewhere under the deck, or if you’re trying to hunt down the keypad code from the various members of the family so that you can open the little lock box containing the spare, whatever the case, it always leaves quite a bit to be desired. You don’t need to worry about getting back into the house so that you can get your wallet and driver’s license in order to continue on your merry way. That’s why there’s Buckeye Locksmith in Whitehall. When the key decides to grow legs and quit on you, we won’t. We provide a variety of services to ensure that you’ll never be caught on the wrong side of a door again.

Searching For a Locksmith?

We’re not new to Ohio, or the business of getting people back into their homes, cars or businesses. We have a variety of locations that we serve here in Ohio. If you’re not native to Whitehall, then you’ll be able to find all of our locations that we can assist you in here.

More Than A Locksmith

Our goal is to ensure that you don’t end up much later for work or any of your other future appointments which is why we provide a whole host of services specially designed to make your life easier.

Residential Locksmiths

Did you just relocate to a new home? We strongly encourage folks who are concerned with their safety to invest in a re-locking service. This merely protects against potential issues with previous residents trying to re-enter and allows you to swap out previous, potentially lesser quality locks, for better more secure ones to fit your doors so that you might protect what’s yours. We also offer an emergency lockout service that is always available to assist you. We’re known for being timely and efficient when helping people in need, so don’t take a chance on another locksmith to come and rescue you.

Key Replacement Services

Chances are, you’ve probably at some point had to replace a key for one of your residences in Whitehall or anywhere around Ohio, but have you tried to replace a car key? It’s known to be a rigamarole full of hurdles and unnecessary difficulties like getting the car towed to a dealership and then having to pay whatever outrageous price point they make you think you have to pay. Because of the hassle involved with this pretty simple task, Buckeye has started to offer key replacement services that don’t cost an arm and a leg and don’t require the vehicle to be towed away. We are, proudly, the only locksmith in Columbus and Whitehall that can cut car keys for every single make and model including special needs like an activation chip that ignites the engine upon key entry. Our key cutting services even factor in the needs of Landrovers, BMWs, Mercedes, Porsches, Maseratis and other foreign makes and models that have more complex needs to render the key functional. If you’ve lost your car’s key don’t fret. We’re here for all of your needs at an affordable rate.

Keyless Entry Installation

Looking for the highest level of security for your residence or business in Whitehall? Buckeye Locksmith offers a variety of locks and security options, but none are as impressive and secure as the keyless entry systems now available. With electronic, keyless entry you’ll have a measurably more powerful grasp over the security of every entrance and happening within your home or business. It’s about more than security though, it’s about the convenience and total control that the consistency of keyless entries provides. We recommend keyless entries across the board, as you’ll be far less likely to lose the key to enter, but it also makes your property safer for the folks who are looking to put their homes up onto Airbnb or other home vacation sites for a little extra income. In these scenarios, keyless entry makes it so you don’t have to give your guests the key and you don’t have to get it back from them either. The keyless entry can be reprogrammed and altered often while on-the-go to include new passcodes and delete old ones to ensure that the right guests are entering the property, and not the wrong ones.

Commercial Locksmith Systems

Searching for a Whitehall locksmith to take charge over the security of your commercial property? Reach out to Buckeye Locksmith. We provide complimentary security consultations to business owners so that we can provide a personalized approach to your business’s needs and wants. Our chief concern is the continued operational safety of your business, thus, we provide a variety of business lockout services. If you got locked out, need a new key or to provide a new employee with another key we’re here for you. We also offer options for changing and repairing locks as well as wireless lock installation and access control system installation as well.

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Reach out to Buckeye Locksmith to start making your Whitehall property safer and more easily accessible to the right people, now. Call us any time as we’re open 24/7 for all of your lock and key needs.