Your Local Marysville Locksmith Team

Buckeye Locksmith is here to help in any emergency locksmith scenario. But more than that, we’re also here to help you improve security in your life. Whether it’s for your home, vehicle, or business, we are the lock and key pros, so we know a whole host of ways to help boost security. 

Better Home Security

From rekeying to keyless lock installation, our locksmith team can help boost your home’s security. Even the most high-tech security system is only as good as the locks that secure every door, so it’s important to keep your locks in good shape if you want your home to be protected. 

Commercial Security Help, Too

Likewise, we can also help shore up the security for your business or commercial property. We can install customized access control systems, set up a master key system, and more — all so you can operate your business easily without worrying about security.

Automotive Locksmith Services

Basically, if it has a lock and key, we can help — and that extends to your vehicle as well. We can help with lockouts, but we can also rekey car locks and ignitions, and replace or repair car keys. 


No matter what you need help securing, don’t hesitate to call Buckeye Locksmith for experienced locksmith services in Marysville and the surrounding areas!