Buckeye Lake is one of the most beautiful areas around Columbus. It’s famous for beautiful lake-front homes, impressive architecture and plenty of natural beauty. Certainly anyone who lives there is lucky to have such a pretty home. That being said, sometimes luck runs out in the strangest ways, like locking your keys inside your house before you’ve had a chance to plant a spare somewhere outside.

While locking yourself out of something is certainly a bad start to a day, Buckeye Locksmith is here to help you turn it around. We’re constantly on call and ready to help you with whatever locksmith service you need. We offer a huge array of services surrounding the simplistic yet elegant lock mechanism that protects your possessions from ne’er-do-wells.

Residential Locksmith Services

When you’re locked out of your Buckeye Lake home, you’re likely going to panic just a bit. But there’s no need because we’ve got you covered. We handle everything from rekeying your locks to changing and repairing locks (in case you have the key and it’s just not working), as well as assisting with electronic lock installation, duplicates and wireless locks to make your smart home function more smoothly.

Commercial Locksmith Services

If you’re more than a Buckeye Lake homeowner, you’re a Buckeye Lake business owner and you lose those keys, fret not, for we’re always available to help. We can always assist with business lockouts, but if you’re looking to secure your business in a more versatile fashion, we have solutions for that too. From wireless locks to master keys, we can help you and your employees gain access to the building and locked corridors within your business while still maintaining the level of security you need to feel your investments are safe.

One of our newest business features includes our access control systems, which can be used to grant access to the building and rooms you want them to have access to, but only to those specific areas. This allows for controlled credential recognition and access that keeps employee theft down and establishes unparalleled security.  

New Transponder Keys

If you’ve managed to get locked out of your car, or you’ve simply lost your key we have new transponder keys that can help you access your vehicle. We can make transponder keys that allow you not only to get into the cab of the vehicle to but to turn on the ignition as well. Any vehicle that was made after the mid ‘90s will need a transponder key if you intend for the key to activate the ignition in the car, rather than just open the door. Luckily though, Buckeye Locksmith is a mobile locksmith, so if you’re in a pinch right then and you’re stuck waiting to get home or to work, we can send a specialist to you at your vehicle and get a transponder key created on the spot for you.

Contact Buckeye Locksmith

No one deserves to get stranded on the outside of their home, business or vehicle. Take the power back from the lock and key. Get your local locksmith on the phone and tell us what you need. We’ll be out to your Buckeye Lake location with our mobile locksmith gear to talk to you about your current issue and how to prevent it with extra keys of coded security in the future. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.