There’s no arguing it, Ashville is probably one of the safest places around. It’s a community that is filled with burgeoning possibilities and is slowly drifting away from our frontier roots. One thing that will never change is our good old hometown feeling and the welcoming aspect of our environment. But that doesn’t negate the fact that you should still put locks on your door. Just because it’s a safe community, doesn’t mean that you can not lock your doors at night or leave your keys in the ignition in your car. This isn’t the 80s anymore and, unfortunately, as communities grow larger and larger, you can’t possibly manage to personally know every single person anymore. This means it’s more important than ever to invest in a secure lock. There’s so much more to locks now than there ever has been before, which means they’re getting more complicated and more secure with every passing year, but the real peak of the industry has to be smart locks. Smart locks are totally changing our understanding of how we can secure our homes and our property.

The History of Locks

Like Ashville’s rich, dynamic history, locks have been around for a long time. From their initial creation in ancient Egypt to their growth in popularity in London during the Industrial Revolution, there has always been a variety of locks on the market to utilize. Nowadays, that’s changed entirely and you can have access to some of the most advanced locks on the market with a swipe of the finger and access to an account. Smart locks are the hot-button topic nowadays because they’re pretty hard to break past and they’re certainly the best option for improved day-to-day convenience. In fact, much like Ashville staying true to its history despite the ravages of time, locks themselves have managed to remain some of the most fascinating feats of simplistic engineering and production, just like they’ve always have. If you’ve been looking into turning your home into a smart home for the ultimate convenience and control over your little nest, then you need one of the locks we’ve rounded. We’ve sorted through the best the smart home industry has to offer so you’ll only have to choose from a few choice pieces rather than sift through a load of different locks and features that you might not need for your own security purposes.

Schlage Sense Locks

This lock is a rather futuristic take on the modern smart locks, even for the ultra-modern concept itself. It’s outfitted with a unique touchpad that enables the door to be locked or unlocked with a number code, which is infinitely more secure than the physical key counterparts. They call it the “Touchpad Deadbolt” for its superior security capabilities, and it’s even equipped with a nifty little alarm system that will engage when the lock is being tampered with. It’s designed to imitate and integrate with the new monitored home security systems that are on the up and up as far as public popularity. You can adjust the sensors to pick up if the door is rattled and you can even adjust the volume of the alarm so you can hear it all over the house, or only loud enough for the thief to hear. As the alarm goes off, you’ll receive a message from your lock on your phone that notifies you the door has been tampered with. You can even create a WiFi bridge that will allow you to access the lock wherever you are in the world.

August Lock

This won’t replace your deadbolt, but it can replace the thumb turn on the side and leaves your keyed outside cylinder uncovered. It’s equipped with Bluetooth, but you’ll probably have to invest in a WiFi connector to get it all integrated with any other smart home appliances you have in your home currently. The main feature is that the August can allow you to open your lock from essentially anywhere in the world. It can even use GPS on your phone to find out how close you are to your door so that it’ll pop the lock open for you by the time you try and turn the handle. You can even set the lock to re-lock itself after a set time of being open too, just to increase your security while at home.

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