At Buckeye Locksmith we’re locksmiths who you can trust for any job in Mount Sterling and the rest of the greater Columbus area. We stay up to date on the latest locking and security features in order to offer you some of the best security for your home, car, or business. Of course, we’re always ready for the classics as well. From lock changes, key replacements, and re-keying to transponder keys and smartphone enabled security monitoring, we do it all for those in the Columbus area.

If you live in the Columbus area, then chances are you know someone who’s already made use of our services. If you live in Mount Sterling, give us a call to see what we can do for your home, business, or vehicle. If you’re out on the roadways and need a mobile locksmith to get you into your vehicle, contact us now for 24-hour emergency service.

Locksmith Services in Mount Sterling

There’s such a wide range of locks and security tech on the market today, that we couldn’t possibly tell you everything we do, but here is a little snippet, and if you’re not sure, give us a call to let us know what you have in mind. 

Auto Locksmith Services

Getting in and out of your car easily is a matter of safety and convenience. In an emergency, you don’t want to deal with a car that is hard to get in and out of, and in your daily life it’s just a hassle and maybe a bit embarrassing. If you have broken locks, transponder keys, or key fobs, or jammed locks, we can fix them or replace them if we need to. We can also upgrade you to the next level, with push-to-start, remote starters, and smart phone enabled systems.

Home Locksmith Services

It’s important that you feel safe in your own home. Faulty locks or missing keys can break that feeling of safety for some people. If you’re having issues with your locks or keys, we can repair them or replace them in no time. Lock changes, re-keying, and replacements are just the beginning. Like your car, we have a range of technological upgrades for homeowners. From coded electric deadbolts to smart phone enabled security monitoring, our upgrades are sure to make you feel more secure.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Your business is your livelihood, so it’s one area you should never slack on security with. If you run a business in Mount Sterling or the Columbus area, especially with high-value goods, then you might want to have more than a simple single chamber lock. Whether you just need a higher quality of lock or you’re looking to install a higher level of security with monitoring, give us a call to see what we can do.