Welcome back to the Buckeye Locksmith blog. As the top Whitehall locksmith, we care about the continued safety of the citizens that we call our neighbors. In our efforts to express the importance of home security, we strive to educate everyone about the finer points of securing your home against possible invaders. Recently, we’ve been exploring door and window sensors that hook up to your alarm system in your home. Let’s dive further into the details of these crucial pieces for your home.

The Maintenance For Your Home Security

Everything takes maintenance these days, even your iPhone that’s plagued by the occasional update. Your alarm panel and the extensions attached to it are no different. Fortunately, with most modern models, your alarm panel will actually let you know when one of the door or window sensors needs maintenance. However, we recommend conducting a weekly or at least monthly check of them to make sure there aren’t any problems the system is just missing. The other catch about these little security measures is that the adhesive that will hold them in place will gradually lose its potency. If you like steamy showers and leave door open to the house fairly often, the humidity that the adhesive is exposed to might actually take a hit then too. This is more annoying than anything else, especially because once one side of the sensor starts to slip, you’ll start getting quite a few false alarms because the magnetic field or the light beam that connects both sides of the sensor will be gone. When you’re doing your once over, check on all of your sensors, make sure to check if they’re showing any wear and tear and if they might be consistently hit by something or raising any other red flags as those will prove problematic in time.

Check Constantly

Having a secure home actually takes more than installing a doorbell with a video camera. Security requires constant vigilance. That means you should keep tabs on your alarm panel and the various moving pieces that make up your home security system at all times. If you see error warnings or other messages on your alarm panel, notify the company immediately. Sensor repair is totally possible, but we recommend buying a few spares and just hooking those up when the others start going bad.

Your Other Sensor Options

If you’re going through the trouble of getting a home security system installed, then you’re going to need more than just door and window sensors. You can’t take home security half seriously — you either care or you don’t. There are a variety of sensors that we recommend investing in to protect you and yours. Our top recommendation is motion sensors. A motion sensor actually relies on infrared energy detection and when someone moves through a room the sensor will detect the changes in heat energy and notify the alarm. There’s also shatter sensors that can identify the sound of shattering glass — mainly attuned to the sound of windows breaking so it won’t go off when you drop that vase.  

Not Ready To Invest? Start Simple with Your Whitehall Locksmith

The first place to start your journey to bigger, better home security options is always a better lock system. From keyless lock options to to occasional re-keying options and other enhanced lock choices, you can start bringing optimized security to your home by merely investing in a better lock and key. Ready to get started? Reach out to Buckeye Locksmith to get your initial security appointment scheduled. We’ll get you on the road to a safer Whitehall home as soon as possible.