It’s essentially impossible to be attentive and ponder all of the little things 24/7. Life gets in the way and sometimes you’re busier thinking about what your sister said on Facebook last night than you are thinking about if you have your keys in your pocket or if you’re securing the garage door. That’s why you need this gentle reminder to be more present. Think about the small things. Be sure to flip the latch on the ground floor windows in your Columbus home and make sure the garage door shuts all the way as you back out of your drive while you’re groggy in the morning. Believe us, if you make sure these small things are all in-line before you leave for the day, you’ll help yourself permanently avoid more hassle (like side-stepping a break-in) that will be much more to think and worry about than your boyfriend’s snappy comment toward your friend that offended her.

Check out these simple reminders to keep the things that matter most under lock and key so you don’t have to deal with the fall out later.

#1: Your Hard Drive

In the digital age, many of your most important documents can be found on your hard drive. It’s not unusual to want to back those up and have double copies on a backup hard drive that’s made to protect you from losing those documents. Additionally, we’d argue its actually safer to place your documents on a backup hard drive that way all of your important information is mobile and you can easily transfer the things you need off of your laptop or old computer, making it much easier to get rid of. Secure your hard drive with data encryption and always keep your mobile hard drive under literal lock and key when you’re not using it. Better safe than sorry and it’s easier to put your hard drive in the safe after saving your turbo tax onto it rather than have it taken by an angry employee or something else unfortunate happen to it.

#2 Your Heirlooms

We aren’t suggesting you try and buy an actual vault for that dresser from Germany your grandma gave you back in 83’, but we would recommend putting the other valuables in a safe place in your house. Don’t leave the diamond earrings out for everyone to see in the guest bathroom, and don’t leave your father’s stopwatch out on the counter if you don’t want to entice break-ins.

#3 Your Power Tools

If you’ve purchased a set recently, you’re familiar with how uncomfortably expensive those tools can be. That means that they’re desirable to steal, but not only that, they’re also some of the most commonly left out things. Sure you can totally leave your nicest drill outdoors in the front yard while you pop inside for a quick lunch or a bathroom break, but we don’t recommend it. Since your garage is one of the easiest entry points in your house to break into, burglars often “pop-in’ there for a quick look around, and you know what they’re going to go for? Those power tools you especially asked for during the holidays. To combat this, first invest in good locks, second, don’t leave power tools out and about in your garage. Don’t leave them on top of your tool bench. Tuck them away because the more rustling around a thief has to do the more exasperated they’ll get. Sometimes, they’ll even give up. In the case that they don’t though, cover your bases with a few more locks bolstering the defenses of the things you really want to keep.

#4 Your Cash

While under the mattress is, strictly speaking, not a terrible place to keep cash, we don’t recommend it. We also wouldn’t recommend sliding cash, important identity documents or anything else in between the pages of your favorite book. While it’s certainly a clever solution to store $400 in your copy of The Hobbit because it’s your favorite novel, a thief will know to ruffle through those pages in search of valuables. Especially since you’ve got it propped on a lighted pedestal in your living room. All hyperbole and joking aside, keep whatever cash you’re just holding in your house in the safest place possible in the home. It’s the hardest thing to track and it’s the easiest thing to steal as it folds quite nicely into most pocketbooks. So be wary.

#5 Your Medication

Medication is another small, easy thing to steal that can be worth quite a bit of money. It’s also hard to track as the thief can simply pull the name and prescription number off the bottle and make it impossible to trace that it’s your. We’re not suggesting that you put a lock on your medicine cabinet, but we would recommend investing in the future of your home’s security. Protect all of the assets in your home by first investing in the locks around your home. There’s nothing more important than protecting the things you’ve earned. So keep it all safe with better locks.

Residential Locksmith In Columbia

Contact Buckeye Locksmith to start equipping your home with bigger better locks that are harder to pick and protect those little things that you might, from time to time, forget to put in a secure place. The best line of defense should always be the first line of defense. Start bolstering your locks and traditional security measured on all the entry points in your house and pick up a spare key while you’re at it from Buckeye Locksmith today.