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Locksmiths get called for a lot of reasons, that’s something we especially know at Buckeye Locksmith because we have some of the widest range of services you’re likely to find from a locksmith. Still, even with all we have to offer in new locking and security technology for your home, business, or vehicle, there are some classic services we’ll never get away from. Here’s what we think are our top-5 most popular services. If you need any of these or something a little more advanced in Mount Sterling or the Columbus area, then call us today!

Our Top 5 Most Popular Locksmith Services Around Columbus

  1. Key Changes and Replacements — Losing your keys is bound to happen at some point in your life, and we know because of the number of phone calls we get and how many successful key changes and replacements we’ve provided.
  2. Jammed Locks — Whether it be your home, car, or business, locks are almost bound to jam at some point, with metal and other components grinding together to make it work. It’s a natural process that can sometimes be slowed.
  3. Mobile and Emergency Locksmith Services — Our mobile and emergency services are one and the same. Our locksmiths are able to provide services 24-hours a day. Whether that happens in a parking lot or at your home, we’ll get you back inside fast.
  4. Lock Changes — Lock changes are often a result of our two most popular calls or services. Changing the locks can be a good idea if you have reason to believe someone has your key or can gain easy access even with the lock you have now, it’s also necessary for some jammed locks to be replaced, as components inside the lock may be broken.
  5. Key Fob Replacements — Key fobs are finicky things, especially if your car is a little older. You don’t have to be stuck with just a physical key however if your key fob is broken. We can easily find you a replacement fob, and maybe even upgrade you to a  remote starter system.

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