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Locks and keys keep you safe and protected, so when something goes wrong, it’s understandable for you to feel at risk and exposed. 

Buckeye Locksmith can help. As your premier locksmith in Columbus, we have expanded our service areas and are now working hard on the cities around Columbus — including Baltimore. Whether you’re locked out of your car after a night out with friends or you are moving into a new home and want to rekey the locks, we’ve got you covered. In today’s blog, we’ll specifically cover six ways our locksmith helps homeowners in Baltimore; however, we also offer commercial and automotive locksmith services. Contact us today to meet with your local locksmith!

House Lockouts

When you’re locked out of your house in Baltimore, it’s fully understandable that you’re frustrated. If it happens in the middle of the night, well, it can feel like the end of the world. Our mobile locksmith can be there in no time — day or night — to help you back to the comfort and safety of your own home.


Whenever you move into a new home or whenever someone moves out of your home, we locksmiths recommend that you rekey your locks right away. This process is fairly straightforward and simple because we’re not changing the whole lock but rather just the key.

Change/Repair Locks

Now when there’s a problem with your locks, you definitely need a locksmith in Baltimore to give you a visit! Whether you’re interested in fixing, replacing, or upgrading your locks in order to achieve maximum security, we’ll be there.

Electronic Locks/Keypads

A wise step in home security would be to install electronic locks! Perhaps you have kids coming in and out of your Baltimore home, you keep losing your keys, or you own an apartment building and want to make security better and easier with electronic locks and keypads. Whatever it is, our locksmith can install keyless entry deadbolt locks/

Duplicate Keys

Perhaps you have someone moving in with you or you want an extra key for your dog walker. No matter the reason, our locksmith can assist in duplicating your keys so you have a few extras on-hand. 

Tip From a Locksmith: Go ahead and keep a spare in your wallet in case you lock yourself out!

Wireless Locks

You have a smartphone, a smart thermostat, smart coffee maker, and smart who-knows-what-else. If you want to get with the latest technology, then our Baltimore locksmith can install wireless locks. They offer added security and ease of use — you can control them from your smartphone!

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When you’re locked out of the house, are concerned about home security, or have other problems with your locks, you need someone you can count on. Buckeye Locksmith is the company you can trust for your locksmith needs. We serve clients throughout Columbus and Baltimore, and we’d be happy to help you today. We offer 24-7 locksmith services, so contact us today to get started.