Replacing a car key used to be one of the biggest hassles in world. In the past, you would need to pay for your car to be towed to a dealership and then pay exorbitant prices for key cutting, especially if your make and model was as exotic as a Volkswagen. Additionally, with the technological advances in the automotive industry, car keys and ignition systems continue to be more complex as car keys today often include special chips as added security measures. Thankfully, Buckeye Locksmith has made all of this ancient history for residents of Columbus, Ohio thanks to our mobile locksmith service.

Buckeye Locksmith is the only locksmith company in the Columbus area that can actually cut keys for every make and every model.  In order to be the Top Rated Local® Columbus locksmith, we invested in the most advanced key cutting machines and programmers to make sure we can handle every make and model for car key replacement.  When you call Buckeye Locksmith, we will never tell you we are unable to produce a car key because we can cut keys for cars that others can’t: Landrovers, BMWs, Mercedes, Ferraris, Porsches, and Maseratis.  Plus, our Columbus locksmiths are the only car locksmith company in the state of Ohio that owns the equipment to make keys for Volkswagens for the years 2005 and up.  We also specialize in making keys for RVs, ATVs, motorcycles, and semis. No matter what you drive, Buckeye Locksmith has you covered.
Stop paying the dealerships insane prices for car key replacement! Instead, use our mobile locksmith service and let our car locksmith come to you. We can perform car key replacement on the spot, and Buckeye Locksmith will have you back on the road without breaking the bank.