What Are Your Business Hours?

Generally, our locksmiths work from 7am-5pm. We try to schedule most appointments within this time frame. Our locksmiths are on call 24/7, but we reserve evenings/nights for emergencies, such as car unlocks or house lockouts. We do try to accommodate customers whose schedules or needs require our services after 5pm on a case-by-case basis. Our locksmiths do work on holidays, but only in the case of emergencies.

What Payment Methods Can I Use?

We accept cash, credit and debit cards. We also accept BuckID. We do not accept personal checks. We will accept business checks. For individuals, all payments must be made immediately after service is complete. For commercial locksmith services, we do offer billing as an option but the bill must be paid in full within 30 days. We may be able to work out more flexible payment options for repeat business. Contact us to find out more information on billing.

Do You Have a Physical Location?

We are a mobile locksmith company. Our clearly-marked mobile offices are fully equipped with all of the latest equipment necessary to execute each job. Our technicians drive to the customers. We do not have a store front because we offer more of an emergency-based service that requires us to travel to the customer’s home or vehicle. However, some customers may wish to come to our base of operations for jobs that do not require our technicians to go to them, such as key copies or programming. These customers are welcome to come to our headquarters by appointment only. The service call is waived in this case.

Do You Have a Warranty For Your Locksmith Services?

We offer a 90-day warranty on all parts and labor. The customer must present a receipt in order to claim warranty service. If there is an issue with any of the hardware or work we have performed, we will honestly assess the issue and determine the proper solution. A service call is not charged for warranty service. The warranty does not cover damage to parts due to vandalism.

Are Your Locksmiths Licensed?

We have a vendor’s license, but a license specific to locksmiths currently is not required in Ohio. However, our technicians have over 10 years of experience in this industry. They stay current in their education and are fully qualified and trustworthy individuals. Buckeye Locksmith does carry liability insurance through State Farm.

What If I Can’t Verify That The Lock Is Mine?

Buckeye Locksmith needs a letter of authorization from the owner of the property you requested an auto, commercial, or residential locksmith service for. If you can’t provide the proper identification of authorization we cannot help you, as is mandated by law.

Should I Rekey My Current Locks? Should I Change My Locks?

“Changing a lock” is the process of actually taking out the entire lock including the knob, lever, strick and the latch and replacing the entire unit with an entirely different lock. Rekeying your lock merely involves removing the existing lock cylinder and changing it so that any previous keys won’t work in that lock, but your new one will. The majority of the time, if your lock is still viable and you feel comfortable with the security level it provides, you’ll only need your lock rekeyed.

Can You Bill An Insurance Company For Locksmith Services?

No, you’ll have to pay your mobile locksmith upfront and then you can submit the bill to your own insurance company if you’d like to.

Can You Pick All Locks?

As professional locksmiths, we have a variety of tactics to help you access your own property, but there are locks that are high security and are “pick-resistant.” There’s also a variety of locks that are “bump-resistant,” too.

Are You Locksmith Subcontractors?

No, we’re mobile locksmiths that you’ll be able to speak to directly when you phone us. We personally arrive and take care of your locksmith needs shortly after you’ve contacted us. Hence, why we’re great emergency locksmiths.

Can I Use The Same Key For All of My Locks?

We can make all of your locks have the same keyway if they’re all made by the same manufacturer. However, if you were to lose the single key that can access every lock in your commercial business or home, the person who found that key would have access to the things behind every single lock. We don’t recommend this strategy for security purposes.

Will My Lock Still Work After a Locksmith Opens It?

Of course! Picking a lock or opening a locked car door will not, in any way damage the locking mechanisms themselves. The only exception to this would be if the lock was somehow damaged or needs to be drilled into. If you suspect this when you can’t access your property, let us know on the initial call. We can bring a variety of upgrade locks and regular locks to give you options about replacement locks if we find that your current lock and key are broken.

What Cities Do You Serve?

Can a Broken Lock Be Fixed, Or Should I Replace It?

The answer to that depends on the particular lock in question. Buckeye Locksmith is extremely experienced in replacing locks, and we’ll have a good idea about whether or not we can recommend a quick fix or if we think an entire replacement is necessary. Don’t worry, we’ll stay wary of your budget.

How Long Does It Take To Install New Locks?

The majority of new locks can be installed in around 30 minutes. Of course, this will depend on the type of lock and if there needs to be any sort of modifications done to the door or something. Usually, it’s a pretty straightforward process and won’t require much of your time at all.

What’s The Most Secure Type of Residential Front Door Lock?

We like to recommend deadbolts of all kinds, but we’re rather fond of Schlage’s High-Security Primus. If you’re concerned about security, there are a variety of ways that we can demonstrate how to improve the security of your home, car and even your business if you’d like.