An access control system is no longer just a spy movie invention that’s out of reach for those of us in the real world—nor is it relegated to high-security government facilities. Thanks to advancements in technology, you can have a great deal more control over every entry your business has. And not only businesses either; keyless entry door locks are growing in popularity for residential use as well. No matter where you choose to have them installed, keyless entry systems offer more than just security, they bring you convenience and control as well. At Buckeye Locksmith, we want to help you keep your Columbus home or business as well-secured as possible, and often than means going digital with your locks.


Keyless Door Locks for Home Use

If you’ve ever rented a vacation home for a trip, you’ve probably seen a residential keyless entry system; however, they are gaining popularity in exchange for standard door locks. These variations usually replace a key-turned deadbolt and rely on a numerical keypad rather than physical keys to control access. The reason they are so prevalent, especially among vacation rentals, is because they can be reprogrammed as often as you choose and, with many systems, can be programmed with multiple codes at once. This way, you don’t have to go through the rekeying process every time you want to change who has access to your home; you can just change the code instead. And, if you have a tendency toward forgetfulness, the good news is, you’ll no longer need to remember your house keys!


Commercial Electronic Door Locks

Of course, electronic lock systems are a bit more complex for businesses than they are for home use. To begin with, many businesses need to restrict access to certain areas within their space, not just control who and when people can use the exterior doors. A keyless entry door lock can be installed on nearly any door, which gives you the power to control who can and cannot access any areas of your business you need to keep particularly secure. In terms of commercial use, keyless entry systems may use a numerical key pad, or they may rely on key cards or biometric data. If you need to control access to multiple areas throughout your building, ask our team about setting up a full access control system for interior and exterior door security.


If you’re looking to improve the security of your Columbus home or business, contact the Buckeye Locksmith team today to get more information about keyless entry possibilities!