When it comes to your home’s security, do-it-yourself repair jobs can occasionally be a hindrance rather than help. Those standard locks on your home may seem like they aren’t too complicated, but even a slight issue can increase the risk of break-ins. For example, did you know that the metal plates on your door frame are there for a reason? They do more than stop your deadbolt from wearing away the wood—they actually help resist forced entry from the outside. Unfortunately, that little metal plate can only do so much good if it isn’t secured to the door frame properly. If you’re installing new high-security locks or you’re simply swapping out old locks for new ones, your security will only improve if those locks are installed correctly. Be sure your locks are working as they ought to with help from Buckeye Locksmith, your local Columbus locksmith team.


Residential Lock Repair & Replacement:

Your home’s locks could be all that stand between your home and home burglary. Ensuring your locks work properly is more valuable in the long run than saving a few dollars and trying to change locks yourself, which is why we suggest calling your local lock specialists—especially if you’re not sure of your handyman skills. The Buckeye Locksmith team has more than a decade of experience, and we stand behind our 90-day parts and labor warranty because we are proud of the job we do. If your locks wiggle in place or your key sticks in the lock regularly, call our team for lock repair and stop those issues from happening. Or, if you’re looking for a security upgrade, ask our technicians about replacing your current locks with a more secure option. We can even install and help set up keyless deadbolts so you can ditch your house keys entirely.


Commercial Locks:

Protecting your business is just as important as securing your home, and locks can have just as much impact as a high-tech security system. Whether your master keyed lock system needs replacing or you’re looking to upgrade and change locks, professional locksmiths like our team are your best bet for professional services tailored to your business’ specific needs. We can install a keyless entry system on external doors or, for even more specific control, a full access control system throughout your building.


The Buckeye Locksmith team offers experienced door lock repair and replacement across Columbus. Contact us now to schedule your service!