1. 6 Ways Our Locksmith Helps Homeowners in Baltimore

    Locks and keys keep you safe and protected, so when something goes wrong, it’s understandable for you to feel at risk and exposed.  Buckeye Locksmith can help. As your premier locksmith in Columbus, we have expanded our service areas and are now working hard on the cities around Columbus — including Baltimore. Whether you’re locked out of your car after a night out with friends or you are m…Read More

  2. The 5 Things You Need To Secure (But Probably Don’t)

    It’s essentially impossible to be attentive and ponder all of the little things 24/7. Life gets in the way and sometimes you’re busier thinking about what your sister said on Facebook last night than you are thinking about if you have your keys in your pocket or if you’re securing the garage door. That’s why you need this gentle reminder to be more present. Think about the small things. Be…Read More

  3. Summer Vacation Security: Locksmith Tips for Vacation Home Security

    Whether you’re headed off to a family member’s wedding weekend or you’re taking a driving tour of the country—or anything in between—the summer months are some of the most heavy travel times in the U.S. When you leave your home unattended, you open it up as a target to thieves but, unfortunately, it’s not always easy or possible to have someone to watch over your home while you’re go…Read More

  4. Home Security Matters: Re-Keying and More Locksmith Security

    When it comes to your home, security measures should be among your top priorities. After all, your home is what stands between your treasured memories, your family, and the rest of the world. Interviews with convicted home burglars have shown that a few routine security measures go a long way to preventing theft, so what are you waiting for? Here are a few simple steps you can take to increase you…Read More

  5. Everything You Need to Know About Transponder Keys

    If you’ve heard of the term “transponder key,” that almost certainly means that you’re in need of a replacement key for your vehicle, and were only recently told that the technology present in your car’s key has greatly amplified the cost of it. Whether or not that is how you came upon the term, today Buckeye Locksmith in Columbus will share everything you need to know about transponder …Read More

  6. You May Not Think To Call A Locksmith When…

    We all know about locksmiths, but hope we never need them. They’re somewhere in the realm of plumbers: Always there - for someone else. Knowing that a locksmith is there when you’ve locked your keys in a running car is a reassuring thought, but locksmiths can be useful in many other situations as well. Today, Buckeye Locksmiths will be reviewing some of the other reasons our locksmiths take ca…Read More

  7. Getting Through Iced Car Doors & Locks

    Thus far, winter 2016/17 is not a laughing matter. With “wintery mix” becoming an officially acceptable term to describe the terrible blend of sleet and snow that is routinely assaulting the Columbus area during  yet another polar vortex, it will come as no surprise if your car doors, locks, or handles are iced over at some point this winter. Learn the techniques for getting out of the cold a…Read More

  8. Technological Keys Can Be Costly

    It is in the best interest of car dealers and manufacturers to have you utilize their automotive service centers for any issues with your car, and replacement keys are no exception. As manufacturers add more and more safety features to car key entry systems and keys, it is forcing drivers to visit their dealership for replacements. Are all of these safety features actually saving you anything? Exp…Read More

  9. Add Security and Value to Your Home

    When you are a homeowner, your house and property is one of the most valuable assets you have to your name. In order to maximize the value of your Columbus home, you have probably spent plenty of hours putting in yardwork, spent plenty of money on upgrading the appliances, and spent too much time in the garage trying to fix things that are a little over your head. At Buckeye Locksmith, we know the…Read More

  10. Have A Locksmith Rekey Your New Home

    Purchasing a first home is an important milestone for any Ohioan, and if you have recently purchased a home in the Columbus area, then welcome to the land of the Buckeyes! However, there are plenty of things most new homeowners are unaware of when they make their purchase. Even after the large purchase, it will take a great deal of time and money to acquire all the things necessary to make a house…Read More