1. 3 Questions to Ask When You’re in an Emergency Lockout Situation

    If you’ve never been in an emergency lockout situation until now, consider yourself lucky, but it happens to the best of us. If you’re locked out of your car and wondering what to do next, it’s important to remember to stay calm. Most lockout situations aren’t dire, however, there are a few things you should ask yourself when you get into a lockout situation in the greater Columbus area. H…Read More

  2. 8 Services a Car Locksmith Can Help With

    When most people think of a locksmith or car locksmith, the first thing that comes to mind is someone popping a lock for you. You might think of being locked out of your car after a night out with friends and the stress this can bring. You might think about being locked out of the house and how you need to get inside to your dog. Whatever it is, our car locksmith is here to help. We serve clients …Read More

  3. Missing The Spare Key Under Your Car? Buckeye Locksmith Is On The Way!

    There are many things people do to to prevent being locked out of their car. While some folks prefer to crack a window or attempt to discreetly leave a back door unlocked, neither of these are very safe measures as you are leaving your vehicle exposed to thieves and petty criminals looking to root through the spare change jar in your cupholder. Some people attempt to outsmart criminals by hiding a…Read More

  4. Mobile Locksmith Comes To You For Car Key Replacement

    Have you ever had this happen to you? You wake up on a Saturday morning with a list of errands a mile long, Ohio State plays at 4 pm, and yet your keys are nowhere to be found. You spend 45 minutes looking through the sofa and then another half hour in the garage and before you know it, the morning has disappeared and you’ve yet to leave the house to start your day. Now you’re stuck at home, y…Read More

  5. Don’t Damage Your Vehicle- Call A Car Locksmith!

    With all of the advances made in the automotive industry, it is amazing how easy it is to still leave your keys locked in your car. Additionally, as our vehicles continue to add new technology designed to keep us safer, it also means our cars are harder to open than ever. Although it was never the smart decision to open a locked car with a wire hanger or bobby pin in the past, nowadays doing so co…Read More