Welcome back to our Buckeye Locksmith blog page! Here in Galena, OH, we’re literally working around the clock to make sure that all of our Columbus area customers are able to get back into their homes, cars, and businesses, and that we’re assisting with lock changes, key programming, and key replacement as often as people are needing. Since we’re a 24/7 mobile locksmith, we pride ourselves on our ability to get to Columbus area residents at record speeds, no matter where they’re located. Are you in need of an experienced, reliable, and trustworthy locksmith in Galena? Contact our lock and key experts and Buckeye today. We’d love to be the ones to come to your rescue.

Since most of the adults in the Columbus area have vehicles, statistically, there are bound to be plenty of chances for us to help people who need an excellent auto locksmith. There are all kinds of reasons that people need our services and we’ve gotten all sorts of calls, at all hours of the day and night. In today’s blog, we’re going to take a look at some of the most common reasons to need an automotive locksmith here in Galena.

Auto Lockouts – Being locked out of your car is not only frustrating, depending on where you’re locked out, it can be dangerous. When you experience a lockout from your vehicle, make sure that you’re in a safe location, then, give our locksmith experts a call. We’ll get on the road within minutes of getting your call and we’ll make sure that you’re safely back in your car and on the road in no time.

Broken KeysBreaking your key off in your car door or your ignition can be incredibly frustrating. Many people fear that after they’ve encountered this most-distressing event, they’ll have to take extreme and drastic measures. The truth is, however, that our locksmith techs can get your key out of your ignition and if a key replacement is needed, we can also take care of that!

Key Programming – If your car was made in the last 20 years, and most of ours were, your keys will most likely come with a transponder on the end of them. Without the proper transponder programming, your car may not even start. Make sure that you call Buckeye Locksmith for all of your transponder and key fob needs!

There are a number of different reasons to need an auto locksmith, but there’s only one Buckeye. Reach out to our amazing lock and key experts today!