1. Don’t Get Locked Out In The Rain

    There is a certain level of embarrassment involved with locking yourself out. Whether it happens when you’re grocery shopping or right outside your Columbus home, the fact of the matter is you have to ask for help. Sometimes you may not have a place to be and have time to wait for a family member or neighbor you trust with a spare key to get home. On other occasions, though, there waiting around…Read More

  2. Don’t Let Breaking Your Car Key In The Lock Before Work Ruin Your Day

    The residents of Columbus are hardworking people, and we expect you are no different. You probably get up rather early to start your day, and when things go wrong in the morning that affect your daily routine, it can really throw you for a loop. Although it will probably only happen a few times throughout the course of your entire life, the fact remains that breaking your car key off in your lock …Read More

  3. Missing The Spare Key Under Your Car? Buckeye Locksmith Is On The Way!

    There are many things people do to to prevent being locked out of their car. While some folks prefer to crack a window or attempt to discreetly leave a back door unlocked, neither of these are very safe measures as you are leaving your vehicle exposed to thieves and petty criminals looking to root through the spare change jar in your cupholder. Some people attempt to outsmart criminals by hiding a…Read More

  4. Lose Your Keys While Out Shopping? Call Buckeye Locksmith!

    Grocery shopping is something we all have to do, and it is also an errand that many of us attempt to avoid as long as possible. Even with the abundance of Kroger stores in Columbus, the task of making a list, browsing the weekly ads for sales, and clipping coupons can cut into the time you have to finish all of your after work errands. When you add in the fact that many other people are also doing…Read More

  5. Free Child Rescue from Columbus Emergency Locksmith

    When you see the stories on the news, you probably think to yourself “How could anyone ever possibly lock their child in the car?” In fact, you might even find yourself quickly becoming upset just at the idea of anyone being capable of such a monstrous act. And then, it happens to you. Most of the time, it happens in an instant. You’re reaching for your phone, your latte, and you’re talkin…Read More

  6. Mobile Locksmith Comes To You For Car Key Replacement

    Have you ever had this happen to you? You wake up on a Saturday morning with a list of errands a mile long, Ohio State plays at 4 pm, and yet your keys are nowhere to be found. You spend 45 minutes looking through the sofa and then another half hour in the garage and before you know it, the morning has disappeared and you’ve yet to leave the house to start your day. Now you’re stuck at home, y…Read More

  7. Columbus Locksmith Provides Business Security

    Most people think the only time you actually need a locksmith is after you have been locked out. However, a locksmith offers many more services than just car unlocks or opening your business door because you lost your keys. Buckeye Locksmith is a Top Rated Local® Columbus Locksmith that can help provide your business with better security through our free consultations. Buckeye Locksmith is an exp…Read More

  8. Don’t Damage Your Vehicle- Call A Car Locksmith!

    With all of the advances made in the automotive industry, it is amazing how easy it is to still leave your keys locked in your car. Additionally, as our vehicles continue to add new technology designed to keep us safer, it also means our cars are harder to open than ever. Although it was never the smart decision to open a locked car with a wire hanger or bobby pin in the past, nowadays doing so co…Read More

  9. Columbus Locksmiths Explore Latest Technology

    The Buckeye Locksmith team went to the annual locksmith convention in Novi, Michigan this year to attend advanced locksmith classes and check out the lastest products on the market. In the New Products class presented by a representative from Schlage, our locksmiths were able to install and program NDE wireless locks. Wireless technology has revolutionized the security industry. Locks and keys are…Read More